If like me you’ve neglected your body over the last few months and have decided to get back on the road to achieve that ideal figure the good news is as I learnt today when I dusted off my membership card and went into the gym it’s not too late to get back on the horse especially if you listen to these little jewels of wisdom.

1. This Isn’t Melbourne Cup..So take it easy stud. 

This isn’t the Melbourne cup so take it easy. The first time getting back on the horse is all about reaffirming a routine. Buy jumping the gun and overdoing it will most likely end in you never returning.


2.Make it a ritual that you can’t live without.

The best way to ensure you go regularly is to make it a ritual that you can’t live without. For example I found that if I work out Monday-Friday for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening basically starting the day and ending the day with a good workout it became apart of my daily routine five days a week so much so that I can’t finish or start the day without working out.

If you work when you feel like it, you’re not going to get going anywhere.


3.Don’t worry we’re all self conscious.

Like many I am terrible conscious when training and when you’ve neglected yourself for a few months or so like me those insecurities are off the charts. So I suggest avoid working out at peak time, the fewer people around the less you will feel self-conscious. Don’t worry you’ll feel confident again to workout with the fit crew soon enough.


4.Get a workout buddy.

Personally I prefer training by myself it’s the only time of the day that I feel clearer and besides avoiding oncoming traffic am not distracted and can chill. But for others when getting back into a routine need the company and cheering on so if that’s you then find a friend and commit together.


5.Just pump up the jam and get running.

A playlist whether it’s ACDC or Riri put together a playlist of motivational songs that fits your workout and will spur you on down the path to achieving your goals.


6.Figure out what happened last you can prevent it this time. 

Whether it’s poor time management or something else there was a reason you stopped last time so figure out what it was that made you jump off the bandwagon and prevent it from happening again.


7.Throw out the scales…they are not your friend.

Last but not least throw out the scales! They are not your friend and weighing yourself while working towards you’re perfect you will do more harm than good. You will lose weight it just take patience, commitment and a little time, there is no easy way to obtaining your desired body.  

Well I guess that is that I hope this post and my pointers have helped you out and if you have any other pearls of wisdom let me know in the comments below. Lets all get fit in 2016.

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