We're back and ready to Slay 2017! Starting the year off in style in our first duo editorial for 2017 shot at the Primus Hotel Sydney by friend and photographer Mike Cooper. 

Warren Pasi and Cissy Zhang Primus Hotel
Cizzy Zhang Girlinthebunnyears in Eileen Kirby at Primus Hotel

Can't believe it's 2017 already! Last year was an insanely busy one and this year doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon for me or the gorgeous Cissy aka girlinthebunnyears. Even though our schedules are a bit insane I know how much you guys love our duo editorials and while they used to be monthly this year we will still be doing our duo editorials but not as regularly as we would like to. But don't worry each duo editorial we do we promise to make it one you can savour until the next time we get together in front of the camera.

Our first duo editorial for the year saw Cissy and I shooting at a new location to Sydney and what will undoubtedly be in 2017 the home away from home for travellers to our beautiful town. The Primus Hotel Sydney a exquisite art deco style hotel with its giant red marble pillars propping up the lobby is located in the heart of the city a stone throws away from some of my favourite places like Harrolds, Prada and Gucci can't leave out Gucci is an amazing place to stay while in town. 


The outfits Cissy and I are wearing are quite special really to us as this being not only our first duo editorial of the year and my first official post for the year the outfits and styling of this post is the representation of the message I will be reinforcing this year on the blog "A life of quality over quantity." Cissy wears a gorgeous dress by Sydney Designer Eileen Kirby paired with jewellery designed by a very dear friend and confident of mine Jessica Balyck from her collection with Swarovski. And I wear an amazing custom suit designed by Canberra tailor Braddon Tailors a brand that is all about quality not just in their great customer service but also their product. 

Cizzy Zhang in Balyck Jewellery and Eileen kirby Primus Hotel

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Cissy wears dress from Eileen Kirby, Jewellery from Balyck

Warren wears suit from Braddon Tailors

Location: Primus Hotel Sydney

Photographer: Mike Cooper