QT Canberra as I discovered earlier this month is a place where you’ll find stylish people who lunch, equally stylish visitors and the odd politician on a power lunch.  If you think of Canberra as boring and stuffy you might want to re think that statement there is a strong sense of individuality in this city especially if you step into the QT Canberra.

As you would expect of the global franchise known for their quirky and unique style, the QT Canberra just like it’s sister hotel in Sydney combines perfectly theatrical flourishes with a nostalgia for a long gone era of glamour and speakeasies, a design style that extends from the staff uniforms, in-room old fashioned cocktail to the fabulous traditional barber’s shop where while you wait for you lunch guest to arrive you can get a shave and a hair cut.

My tips of where and what to eat
The Capitol Bar and Grill taken on by QT’s creative director Robert Marchetti features a great Italian menu try the antipasto table mix it’s fabulous, teamed with prime cut steaks cooked for you on a wood fired grilled. But if like me you’re staying and don’t particularly feel like leaving your bed for I suggest the jaffle toasted sandwich it’s so delicious and a perfect way to end a busy day.

Fun discoveries not to miss
In your room you’ll find a fun cocktail station so why not put on some Sinatra and make yourself a gin and tonic, or two.

Stand-out feature
There are a few stand out features for me when I think of the QT Canberra one is the fun life interiors, the grand circular staircase in the lobby but what really sticks into mind is the fun portraits of political figures lining the wall.

With it’s quirky interiors and a vibe that clearly harks back to a lost, more glamorous era the QT Canberra is definitely a breathe of fresh air in a city not known for embracing it’s quirky side. Definitely a place to stay or visit for lunch when you’re next in Canberra XOWP

For more info or to even book your stay head to the QT Canberra website.

Photography: Liam Pratt
Tuxedo: MJ Bale
Bow Tie: MJ Bale
Rings: andPoint.

Special Thanks to Audi Canberra for the Audi A5.

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