What can make or break a holiday is the place you rest your head after of a day of exploring
and this hotel gem in the heart of the city knows that. 

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As many people know about me I'm not a hostel type of traveller never have been and never will be, the very thought of staying in a hostel makes me cringe a little, no when I travel like everyone I know I like to feel like I'm at home which is why when I do travel which isn't as nearly as much as I would like to but as Frank Sinatra once sang that's life. You will either find me in a home I've booked off airbnb or in a lovely hotel room like this one at the Primus Hotel Sydney where I did a photoshoot recently. 

Primus Hotel Sydney travel guide picture of lobby
Australian Model and Social Media Star Warren Pasi Spotted Primus Hotel Sydney
Primus Hotel Sydney - Lobby details.jpg
Primus Hotel Sydney the Wilmont.
Primus Hotel Sydney High Tea
Primus Hotel Sydney

Located in the heart of the city of Sydney is a heritage listed building where inside you'll find red columns and an art deco with a modern twist interior that oozes old world glamour. With over 172 generously sized rooms and suites that feature lavish interiors as I found out when I was here at this gem in the heart of Sydney is the place to stay when in town.

Things to do
Whether you're travelling for work or finally on that well-deserved escape from the thing we all have to do called work, time to chill is important. The rooftop bar is the perfect place to sit back relax with your favourite drink (mine is a Hendricks gin and tonic) and soak in the city skyline with a good book. Or maybe even take a dip in the pool as the sun sets.

What to eat
Not only is the Primus Hotel Sydney a gorgeous place to stay and boy do they make a good Gin and Tonic but they also have an amazing restaurant in the lobby. The Wilmot under the guidance of award-winning chef, Ryan Hong will have your taste buds on fire with his to die for Contemporary dishes with an Asian twist.

I suggest trying out the Wagyu Top Sirloin and if like me you have a bit of a sweet tooth the Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich is a good way to go. But if you're not feeling like something so substantial there is always the high tea available every day from 3-5pm.

So the next time you board a flight bound for Sydney and need a place you can call home when you get here that has an exceptional team who go above and beyond to help, great food and many gorgeous rooms for you choose from then I suggest you check out the Primus Hotel Sydney, it's a gem that I think every stylish traveller in town should experience at least once in their life. XOWP



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Location: Primus Hotel Sydney
Photography ft Warren and Cissy: Mike Cooper