This week I sat down to chat to Pip Morgann the CEO and Creative Director of menswear brand on the rise. 

With red carpet appearances, photoshoots and meetings it's been a busy week but with my busy schedule I made sure I had the time to sit down with the ceo and creative director of an australian menswear brand on the rise Braddon Tailors, Pip Morgan. I first discovered this brand founded in 2009 while down for my first ever fashfest and immediately liked them so much so that while down in Canberra earlier this year stopped by and was fitted for my very own custom Braddon Tailors suit (See the video of my visit here.) and wore on the red carpet of the Australian Premiere of Star Wars Rogue one this week.

Every fashion brand has a story, how did Braddon Tailors come into fruition?
Braddon Tailors was founded in 2009 and is based on our passion for classic menswear, an impeccable fit, and a love for the unique. We really had very humble beginnings designing solely for ourselves and our friends to fill the gap that we all had in not being able to otherwise find good quality garments, made from great fabrics and which would last the test of time.

Word quickly spread around Canberra, and beyond, about what we were doing with more and more people requesting that we help them; they had exactly the same issues we did with off the rack garments and other made-to-measure services. I think that we were able to do things just a little bit differently at this time – being able to disrupt the marketplace a little bit – really helped our rapid growth at these early times.

Pretty quickly from this point we realised we needed to formalise what we were doing; a formalisation leading to the foundation of Braddon Tailors. Since then we really haven’t looked back, and with the support of the broader Australian community we have been able to grow and to continue to push the boundaries.

Who are the Braddon Tailors Man and Woman?


The beauty of what we do, the unique garments we create, and the amazing variety of fabrics we use means that we are able to design something for everybody. We create garments to suit any budget, with fabrics and styles adaptable enough for any taste, and we are able to create patterns uniquely for each individual body shape. The Braddon Tailors Man and Woman really is anybody who is not willing to compromise anymore on the fit or quality of the clothes they wear
Every fashion house has a signature that stands out in the street what is Braddon Tailors signature?

The Braddon Tailors signature look, that identifiable shape of our garments when they are being worn around the town, comes from our own house cut, the Acton Cut. The Acton Cut is our house style of suiting, developed by our designers, and is based upon our personal love of softer tailored silhouettes, and a fascination with the cuts developed on Savile Row over its long and esteemed history.

We use our Acton Cut as a basis for guiding clients through the design process, assisting to develop their understanding of what is needed functionally from each garment and what role modern style and influences can play in creating a complete wardrobe.Our Acton Cut is a simple, soft silhouette, with a uniquely identifiable shape providing a modern, yet comforting shape suitable for all body shapes and sizes in the cosmopolitan Australian environment.

Our Acton Cut includes a half floating canvas, a higher jacketing armhole with a slimmer upper sleeve that still permits the jacket to remain close to the neck and allows the arm the freedom to move with comfort. As designers we have achieved national recognition and acclaim for our Acton Cut and our designs through the collections we have presented at some of our nation’s biggest fashion shows including the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and Fashfest events.

First of all last years show was amazing. Since then Braddon now has three locations and a travelling tailor program throughout Australia and internationally such as Hong Kong, Beijing and New York. Clearly you guys are on a rise so what’s next will we see a boutique in Melbourne?

Thanks Warren, it sure has been a big couple of years for us; and with some of the developments we have in the works we hope the next few years will continue in the same vein.

Probably the biggest, and most exciting, development in the near future is that we have brought over the highly experienced and talented Clint Hutchinson as a new partner. Clint comes to us after having been the Managing Director of the highly successful Zoo Group, and as the CEO of FashFest and the Haus Models agency.

While we are now working with Clint to refine our business strategies and plans for the next few years, I think it is safe to say that further growth and expansion is definitely on the cards (whether or not that is in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or further afield, or all of the above, well – we will just have to see).

A few years ago social media was just that fun thing people use to communicate with friends and family now you cant open your phone without seeing a brand utilizing social media platforms to grow and expand their brand awareness. How important is social media in the world of Braddon Tailors and how are you utilizing your social media platforms to engage with you customer?

We’ve been a little slow on the social media band wagon, if truth be told. While social media has proven to be an invaluable tool for many labels and emerging businesses, we’ve really tried to base our success and growth primarily upon word of mouth recommendations; firmly believing that by providing a great product in conjunction with great service this is the best form of promotion for us.

That said, as we’ve grown the importance of social media has grown with us. We’ve found it is a great way of letting the broader community know about what we are up to, the events we are hosting and all the cool new fabrics we have received.

Currently we are making most use of our facebook ( and instagram pages (@braddontailors), and have also recently launched our business page on linkedin.

Braddon Tailors offers a couple of new exciting programs, the Travelling Tailor and BT Corporate. What are these services and why did you decide to add these services to your repertoire?

That’s right, in 2015 we added the Travelling Tailor program to our range of services and then in early 2016 we developed and added the BT Corporate program. We are pretty excited about these two programs, and the variety of opportunities they offer us and our clients.

The Braddon Tailors Traveling Tailor program was developed in response to the large number of enquiries we were receiving from people who were just unable to get into our Canberra store, but who were desperate for our services. The Braddon Tailors Traveling Tailor program is the perfect solution for those who aren’t for one reason or another, able to attend an appointment with us at one of our stores. Through this program our designers will come directly to you, to work with you to develop the same high quality garments from our selection of fabrics, and with the same attention to detail and refined processes as we would in our stores. 

Similarly, the BT Corporate events allow us to offer our clients a range of events for your friends, colleagues or clients at your workplace or one of our showrooms.

 With a focus on education about fabrics, style and fit our corporate events are complimentary services to businesses, small and large alike, where we come to you and discuss all things suiting and style with you and your guests. XOWP

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