This Week ahead of his MBFW debut I sit down and talk all things fashion with designer Paul Nathapol.

What made you choose a career in fashion? 

My passion and my love for fashion. Being able to share my vision and seeing them being translated into garments for people to wear, the feeling itself is just priceless.

Who is the Paul Nathopol man?

The Paul Nathaphol man is elegant, sophisticated and yet sexy at the same time. When it comes to fashion, he is not afraid to try on prints or new forms of clothings. He is flamboyant and exudes sexiness with class. He is always the centre of attention all for the good reasons and is someone others look up to as a fashionable man.

Who and what inspires you the most when creating your collections?

I love to read about history and what had happened in the past; hence my inspiration usually comes from the previous century or further in the past. Many a times, I get inspired b books or events that have shaped our society today. For example, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is inspired by a political movement in the 1950s, the Existentialism.

With the success of your show at this year’s Sydney Fashion Week how does it feel to be showing in Canada at Toronto Mens Shows?

Being the first Thai designer to have shown the collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is nothing but beyond my imagination. However, I am very humbled to be invited to showcase my collection at Toronto first Men’s Fashion Week (mfw) and the 8th MFW. I am truly honoured.

What do you think of the Australian man and his style?

The Australian man style is great! Australian men do take on great initiative to dress up, even to work. What surprised me during my visit was how impeccable the men look in their suits.

Asia is rapidly becoming the new ‘it’ place for the fashion world why do you think that is?

I think it is mainly due to it’s accessibility and the opening of the asian market that makes it the new ‘it’ place. Now that there are more support from the government for young designers and the booming of the fashion school, it is no question why it is growing. Besides, China itself is a big country with lots of spending power.

Recently I heard you are launching your first store should we expect more stores soon?

Yes indeed. We are opening our first flagship store here in Bangkok, Thailand.Oour stockists are in Raffles Privato, located at Paragon Shopping Mall, Singapore. And in September, our stockists will include Zen Departmental store and Central Chidlom, both in Bangkok, Thailand. We are definitely planning to expand into the Australian, European and the American market in the next two to three years.

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