Something I don’t think many people may know about me is that I’m bit of an undercover nerd/gamer just ask my friends Jill and her husband Kai, I’m always at their place on the lounge drinking their wine and playing their Xbox. So when I was invited by friends The Red Agency and leader in drone tech french company Parrot to test out their new range of parrot minidrones I was like ‘hell yes!’

On the heels of the BeBop 2 a drone created a perfect drone for content creators French company Parrot on Tuesday launched their two new high-tech and playful mini drones, which don’t just take good selfies.

Parrot Swing (shown on the left) at $229.99 is the first plane mini drone with vertical take-off, which can be switched from a quadricopter mode to plane mode in a flash.

The other a perfect gift for the kids this Christmas (shown above) is the Parrot Mambo at $199.99 is a really fun mini drone with connected accessories that can be used to catch objects and even shoot little balls.

Available this October at selected retailers, this awesome new generation of Miniaturized robots comes with little extras like a dedicated controller for precise long distance piloting and an application freeflight mini which offers plenty of enhancements including a rather fun offline access option.

For more info on Parrot's range of drones, prices and more head to their website, you won’t be disappointed. XOWP

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