What better way to start fashion week than in the frow at Maticevski

Known internationally for successfully combining retail trends and his creativity into a commercial product that consists of voluminous looks that may cost a pretty penny but are so worth it.

This years collection is definitely a darker mood, some would say very fifty shades of grey but with billowing dresses. But each look restrained –literally with each model in heels so high they could hit the roof and hands shackled behind their back by Crystal Ryan Storer cuffs and in some gagged with bejewelled balls.

This years collection in my opinion was amazing and like the late McQueen may he rest in piece evoked a lot of different emotions the major being pain, sensuality with a distinct edge, with only a hint of softness in the colour range of the entire collection.

I'm just a creative boy about town with a little style and a lot of sass trying to navigate a way through life, love and everything in between.

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