This Week I Sit down for a chat with Menswear Designer Kiaya Daniels…

Who is the Kiaya Daniels man?

The Kiaya Daniels man is confident, self-aware and individual; he is creative, social and uninhibited. However, the Kiaya Daniels man is constantly evolving and is very open.

Why menswear? 

As long as I’ve been interested in fashion, I’ve been interested in menswear. It was never really a conscious decision to explore menswear and when deciding to pursue fashion design, menswear was always the intention.

Something fashion designers are asked is why do they do what they do, so Kiaya why do you do what you do? And how did you come to choosing a career in fashion?

I come from a very creative family. From a very young age I wanted to be an Architect and as I got older, became very interested also in Interior design. I think if I wasn’t doing fashion, that’s what I’d be doing. Though also as I got older I became very interested in fashion. The self-expression that came with fashion really excited me, and as I delved further into it, I became completely enthralled in the design side of things. I guess I chose a career as a fashion designer because I love it; it excites me, it motivates me, rewards me and fulfils me. I think this is what we all want to have in our jobs. Rather, not to have a job, but to have a career. 

What do you think of the Australian man and his style?

The Australian menswear market is a small one, but it is growing and the Australian man is developing and becoming more explorative. The Australian man is very relaxed, dressing for comfort and convenience. However, I think we are seeing these values of dressing, being explored in a more urban and stylised way. I’d love to see more tailoring and sophistication making a mark in the Australian menswear market.

Where do you see Kiaya Daniels in the next five years?

Hopefully we will see a lot of growth in the Australian menswear market in the next five years. I’m hoping and working towards seeing the presence of Kiaya Daniels in our stores and on our men in the next five years. At this point there’s such amazing support for menswear in Australian press and by those in the fashion industry here. With this support, hopefully the market will continue to grow and there will be enough consumer support to see the brand really take off.



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