Like many my problems with my body and my weight has been a big factor in my life and not always for the right reason. So this year I decided that it was time to change that and start a journey to a better me along with the help of my new go to guru for everything health and fitness, personal trainer Mauricio Mejia.

Like many people my issues with my body and weight has been a big factor in my life since I hit puberty and unlike most of my friends I turned into a walking balloon covered in acne that didn't burst when it ended in fact it just got worse no matter how many times a day I exercised which just made me lose all hope (It also didn't help that I was on antidepressants) and instead of discussing it with my parents, which let's face it when you're a teenager the idea of discussing your insecurities with your parents is just a no go, run for the bloody hills and hide zone. So with that option thrown out the window my unhealthy relationship with food just blossomed well into high school and well into my early twenties.

At twenty one coming off my anti-depressants because I was in a good place professionally and personally I got hooked on exercise (cardio in particular) so much so that to get better results by the month of my birthday I discovered a toxic thing called bulimia and by the end of that year I had gone from about a 3XL down to a XL. Which you can imagine worried a lot of people but me being me didn't care as I was happy in life and didn't see what I was doing was wrong until later that year my father got ill, I lost a regular job and life for me to be quite honest was shit and I basically went down into a spiral of binge eating and bulimia which in the end for the last few years has transformed from a never ending cycle of binge eating and bulimia into just regular binge eating instead of facing life and the torrent of negative emotions taking over my body I just shoved every single sugar coated, processed thing in my mouth.

Last year in august the day before my birthday after a long struggle with a chronic illness my father died leaving me, my mother and my younger brother M behind three people who to be honest without my father didn't really know what to do. My father essentially did everything for us even when we didn't ask or want it my father was alway there like a shining knight with a solution to all life's tedious problems the three of us had to deal with, not having him here as a strong tree to hide under in a weird twisted way has awoken me from this coma I had let myself fall into the for the last few years life making me face a few hard truths about myself and life in general.

The major truths being that I used my dad's failing health, the fact I lost my main job and all that crap as an excuse for getting over 100kgs, turn away from friends and family and basically turn into this big fat bitter betty. But that stopped a few weeks ago when I met the amazing health and physique coach Mauricio Meija who has been amazing getting me back and making me staying on my journey back to a better me. This journey with Mauricio isn't just helping getting me back into shape but is changing the way I interact with my body in a healthier way that will set me up for the long term. 

This is the first post of many on this journey with the amazing Mauricio and I hope you guys by reading my journey back to a better me will maybe inspire you to make a change for the better and even get a few needed tips here and there to help you along the journey you may already be on. See you guys on the healthy side XOWP.

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