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This week I sat down for a conversation with one of my favorite designers I came across at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia earlier this year, Chris Ran Lin. A Melbourne based designer that is doing some rather spectacular things in menswear

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WP: How do you want men to feel when they are wearing Chris Ran Lin

CRL: I want people to wear my clothes and interpret them in their own way. I want them to be who they are, because everyone is an individual.

WP: Do you prefer designing for Spring Summer or Fall Winter, and why?

CRL: I  actually don’t really label my collection clearly as S/S or A/W. Every collection I have done so far has a mix of all seasons. But I do prefer designing Fall Winter, because I like layering and maybe I live in Melbourne and the winter is longer here.

WP: Since launching your label in 2013 you have participated in two group shows and have been nominated for the international woolmark prize two years in a row now.With these accolades under your belt the world is clearly your oyster so where should we expect to see Chris Ran Lin in the next two years?

CRL: I think Chris Ran Lin will still be creating exciting things in menswear, and maybe will start with a smell range of women’s wear as well; because there are some many girls are asking. The label is only selling to private orders. And I always got question of where to buy Chris Ran Lin, and hopefully next step for the label is to see my designs in stores.

For more about Chris Ran Lin and where you can add his designs to your closet this season head to

WP: Anyone who’s anyone in fashion has heard of you, but for my readers who aren’t up-to date with the designers to watch out for, tell us about the Chris Ran Lin Label?

CRL: Chris Ran Lin is menswear label based in Melbourne. The label celebrates color, texture and form; it always tries to challenge the way men dressed and bring fresh looks to contemporary menswear.

WP: I first saw your work through a blogger friend of mine’s Instagram who saw your first show at VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) and when I saw your pieces on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia earlier this year I fell in love with way you use wool but also noticed it seems to be a favorite material that you like to use in your menswear. Why the love for wool?


CRL: I wasn’t trying to start a label when I started work on my first collection, it was just a project I wanted to explore after I finished university. And the first thing that came to my mind was wool when I started the project, I wanted to take advantage of what we have here in Australia and see what I can do with it. Some people already know my design, I experiment with a-lot with knitwear, which is the most directed way to push wool to people. I guess as an Australia designer to celebrate the beautiful product we have here, it just right identity to tell who I am and what I am doing.

WP: Why menswear and what inspires your collections?

CRL: Menswear is very interesting to explore now days. Men are a-lot more willing to try new things, and menswear has huge potential. On the other hand, menswear becomes my own language to tell a story and speak out what I’m thinking. I take inspiration from all aspects, it can be from people I met or things I like. I also spend a-lot of time on testing materials and new techniques, sometimes I like to say my designs come from lab testing.

Chris Ran LIn