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So this week I was invited to check out 'Blown Lux Bar" a concept huge in the states and everywhere else in the world but something new here to Sydney and I have to say I have officially found my new fav place in town. 

Blown Lux_APR17_30_Low.jpg

We all have #Hairgoals that we want to achieve right!? Well this week I was invited to the newly opened Blown Lux Bar, well long overdue blow dry bar that if anyone who's travelled the US, UK or pretty much anywhere in the world is a concept that loved by everyone. Located in the heart of the stylish modern part of town Barangaroo this glam bar opens early morning from seven am every week day for those of you who like me just can't quite get it right like the Kardashians of the world. Perfect if  you have a morning meeting and your needs a little extra you can stop by first thing in the morning get a blow out by their expert trained stylists while getting your coffee fix and head off to that morning meeting fresh, ready to conquer the day and did I mention they also have a makeup artist on hand to touch up your face too. 

But if a coffee isn't what you're looking for they also have a fully stocked bar with a great cocktails a list and antipasto selection on offer to help you relax after a long day at the office or if you're getting ready for date night or any other special occasion. 

If you're around town you haven't lived until you've stopped by blown lux for some 'you' time, they're open weekdays from seven in the morning so make sure to stop and if you do go let me know on my socials and here about your experience, I always like to know what you guys think. XOWP

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