Where you can get one and why
you should have had one of these, like yesterday, 

This year I'm taking my new years resolution of getting myself back into shape seriously and that includes making sure my skin looks healthy and youthful because let's be honest we live in a society that is all about looks and if you look good you feel good which leads to good things happening or so that's what I have been telling myself every time this week I've wanted to stop by doughnut time, but my addiction to sugar is a whole other column and not why you are here.

Earlier this week a friend of mine Jordan Turner also known for his amazing style blog mrturner posted on his Instagram feed (@mrturner) a selfie of himself having a golden sapphire peel, a diamond sheet mask, diamond eye mask and skin check. Wondering what the hell a golden sapphire mask and these other skincare treatments were did what any millennial looking on one of their fave style bloggers Instagram feeds would. Clicked the link to the place he was having it done and booked myself an appointment. 

Located in one of Sydney's most iconic buildings the Queen Victoria Building or to Sydneysiders the QVB is Verdem a salon taking skincare to the next level. Verdem the ultimate in luxury skincare for stylish Sydneysiders is the home of the finest international products in skincare and services like the Golden Sapphire mask my friend Jordan had or the 24 Karat Gold facial I decided to experience, and trust me when I say it was definitely an experience.

Gold like many best-kept secrets has been the secret to maintaining youthful looking skin for centuries, often used around the world to smooth out wrinkles, cooling the skin and protecting it from inflammation. For instance, in ancient Egypt Cleopatra apparently slept in a gold mask every night to keep her skin looking fresh all the time which I assume is the inspiration behind the name Black Pearl 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask which was used in my facial. Infused with Dead Sea black mud and 24 Karat Gold, the Cleopatra mask energises the skin, reduces the appearance of rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and blemishes and did I mention it also rebuilds collagen which is a major plus in my books. The 24 karat gold facial which I had takes about an hour so perfect to do on that lunch break or mornings off.

Australian Model and Social Media celebrity Warren Pasi spotted at Verdem 24k gold facial

To be honest with you all when I first heard about people having a 24 Karat Gold mask put on their face which was then removed with a magnet (yes I said a magnet) leaving behind only the gold which was rubbed into your skin. I thought it was some trust fund baby fad but after doing a little research on the internet and having it done myself I can say my skin does feel and look fresher than what it's been in a while, thanks to the highly knowledgeable and skilled man behind Verdam Megan.

But don't take my word alone if you're in town you should definitely stop by the lavish salon and inject a little bit of indulgence into your everyday skincare routine.


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